Effective flood barrier to prevent damage
BoxBarrier® - sistema temporal contra inundaciones BoxBarrier® - Opening FloodProof HollandCreate a flood barrier for a large area within hoursEmergency flood barrier systemsFloods account for half of all deaths caused by natural disastersWater Board Rijnland practises with BoxBarrier®Water Board Noorderzijlvest practises with BoxBarrier


BoxBarrier® is a new temporary flood defence system that is characterised by its flexibility and easiness

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Opening FloodProof Holland

17th June 2013
Official Opening Test- and Demonstration Site for Temporary Flood Defence Systems

Prevent damage due to flooding

With BoxBarrier® you can create a flood barrier for a large area within hours

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Emergency flood barrier

Emergency flood barrier systems are required, when the level of the primary flood defence system is not adequate or at locations without flood defence system

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Flood frequency is rising

Nowadays floods account for half of all casualties caused by natural disasters, but the frequency and magnitude of flooding is likely to increase for the coming generations

Water Board Rijnland practises with BoxBarrier®

Water Board Noorderzijlvest practises with BoxBarrier®

BoxBarrier Benefits

A few of the many benefits of the BoxBarrier® are listed below.

BoxBarrier is a patented product

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EXPO water in public spaces

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Floodbarrier with Efficient Storage

Efficient storage

The compact shape and stackability which facilitate efficient storage and easy transport make BoxBarrier one of the most efficient flood control systems. The BoxBarrier can be stacked up to 20 units high and stored outside.

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Easy Transportable barriers

Easy transport

As the BoxBarrier is light weight and retains water with water, transport of the BoxBarrier can be done by light equipment, like a Quad with trailer or a light weight open boat. This is why Boxbarrier is also an ideal flood barrier for homes.

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easy to place flood barriers

Quick & easy placement

The placement rate of the BoxBarrier is 100m per hour with a team of 3 men. The water can be pumped into the BoxBarrier by using a simple pump: 100 m of BoxBarrier can be filled in one hour by a 30 m3/hr pump.

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Can Boxbarrier® protect my home? Can the flood barrier be placed in already inundated areas? On what surfaces can Boxbarrier® be installed? Have a look at how we can keep your property dry.

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Latest news

EXPO water in public spaces


The BoxBarrier was present at the Expo focusing on water in public spaces which was held in Houten, The Netherlands. It was the first EXPO in the Netherlands which focused on climate proof planning and development of public spaces. The Expo was characterised by a large number and variety of innovations in the water sector. The Expo was a good platform for the BoxBarrier with respect to the present delegates of Councils and Water Boards.


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IAHR World Congress visits FloodProof Holland


From 28 June - 3 July the IAHR World Congress was held in The Hague, The Netherlands. On the sunny 1st of July some 100 people visited FloodProof Holland where various temporary flood defence systems, amongst which the BoxBarrier, were demonstrated.   

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BoxBarrier at FarmFest Queensland Australia


The CRT FarmFest 2015 near Toowoomba Queensland has been held from 2 - 4 June. The BoxBarrier, which can be displayed both as flood prevention measure or as basin, was presented during these Queensland's premier agricultural field days receiving around 60,000 visitors.

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