Innovative Solutions

BAM Infraconsult is continuously trying to come up with innovative solutions to daily rising questions and problems. Innovations which recently have been developed by, amongst others, BAM Infraconsult all contribute to a better living environment. Examples of these innovations are:

  • Xbloc
  • Ecobeach
  • CleanScreen



Since 2001, BAM Infraconsult has been developing an innovative interlocking armour unit designed to protect breakwaters and shores over the long term and in extreme conditions..

The armour unit, called the Xbloc®, is a simple, robust and reliable single layer armour unit. It has considerable structural integrity as an individual element and has great hydraulic stability in the armour layer. Casting and placing the Xbloc® unit is straightforward and is very cost effective.

The Xbloc® has been exposed to extensive research consisting of hydraulic model tests and structural tests. BAM Infraconsult is the owner of a waveflume in which the designed structures are extensively tested and if needed optimised before construction commences. Xbloc® has been applied on shore protections and breakwaters all over the world since 2004. 



Ecobeach is an innovative system which creates wider and dryer beaches with the use of natural deposited sand. The system includes the presence of drains with a c.t.c. distance along the beachline of 100m and 10m in beach cross-profile. This system has been tested at Egmond, The Netherlands for a period of 3 years and proved to result in a significant increase of the sand deposit in the trial area. Ecobeach is a joint research project of BAM and RWS the Netherlands.


CleanScreen purifies the polluted air using the airstreams present around traffic roads. These air streams consist of atmospheric circulations and sideways directed airstreams of passing vehicles. The polluted air passes the frontside of the CleanScreen and the specially developed filters and leaves the screen at the top. CleanScreen presents the solution for the problems on airpollution around traffic roads. Besides this CleanScreen also has the function of an acoustic shielding. Both contributing to a better living environment.

cleanscreen highway