Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs visits FloodProof Holland

A delagation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited FloodProof Holland on the 2nd of July. During this visit various (temporary) flood defence systems were presented including the BoxBarrier.

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Dutch NOS news: Reopening FloodProof Holland and BoxBarrier

On the 2nd of July the NOS Dutch Broadcasting service has payed special attention to the reopening of FloodProof Holland, the location where various temporary flood defence systems amongst the BoxBarrier are tested and presented.  

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Reopening FloodProof Holland on 3rd of July 2014

Dutch companies are working together with students and researchers from the Technical University in Delft on practical solutions for temporary flood defence systems. This merging happens in the test area called ‘FloodProof Holland’ where various innovative solutions, such as the BoxBarrier, are tested and demonstrated. Many national and international delegations from eg Brazil, Thailand, Romania and Mexico and film crews from the BBC, Discovery Channel, Vietnamese and Thai TV, and the Dutch channels NOS and RTLNieuws have visited FloodProof Holland in the past year.

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Dutch Innovation Attaché Network visits FloodProof Holland

On the 15th of May a delagation of the Dutch Innovation Attaché Network, consisting of people from Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, China and Japan, visited FloodProof Holland. 

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temporary dike boxbarriers Noorderzijlvest

Water Board Noorderzijlvest offers to help England using BoxBarriers

Water Board Noorderzijlvest offers to apply a 400 m temporary flood defence system of BoxBarriers.

Foto: Water Board Noorderzijlvest

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