BBC films BoxBarrier

BoxBarrier demonstration for the BBC

On February 4, a demonstration has been given of Dutch temporary flood defence systems at Flood Proof Holland in Delft. The Boxbarrier was demonstrated to a TV crew of the BBC. The recording was made to show the Dutch experience, as the UK is presently experiencing extreme flooding. The program will be broadcast on BBC1 West on Februari 10, at 19.30 UK time

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BoxBarriers placed in Zwijndrecht as flood defence

BoxBarriers placed in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands

The municipality of Zwijndrecht in the Netherlands has placed 90 BoxBarriers as defence against flooding by the storm of 5 and 6 December. The highest water levels are expected in the morning of 6 December

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flood proof holland aquatech boxbarrier

Delegation Aquatech visits FloodProof Holland

On the 8th of November a delegation of the Aquatech, which was held in Amsterdam from 5 - 8 November, visited FloodProof Holland. 

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Water Board Noorderzijlvest performed trainings excercise

An extensive trainings event with BoxBarriers took place from the 7th till 9th November  during which the BoxBarriers owned by Water Board Noorderzijlvest were positioned with the help of the Royal Dutch Army Corps of Engineers. 


A video of another part of the BoxBarrier excercise can be viewed on:

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Filmcrew Discovery Channel Canada visits FloodProof Holland

On the 19th of August a Filmcrew from Discovery Channel Canada visited FloodProof Holland. The recording contained a.o. the demonstration of the BoxBarrier and an interview with Bas Reedijk. 

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