Filmcrew PBS, US visits FloodProof Holland

On the 5th of July 2013 a PBS  (Public Broadcasting Service) Filmcrew of the US visited FloodProof Holland. The recordings contained a.o. the demonstration of the BoxBarrier and an interview with Bas Reedijk. 

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Opening FloodProof Holland: 'The Movie'

STOWA, the knowlegde group of the dutch Water Boards, made a professional and interesting movie on the opening of FloodProof Holland.


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BoxBarrier on Dutch television

The BoxBarrier was demonstrated at FloodProof Holland in two Dutch newsprograms on June 16. Both RTL and NOS showed the BoxBarrier in their news item about the opening of FloodProof Holland on June 17. 

RTL BoxBarrier news item

NOS BoxBarrier news item

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BoxBarrier on Dutch News Radio

The recent floodings in Germany make floodrisks and (temporary) flood defence measures a newsworthy topic (in the Netherlands). Especially after Dutch military troops helped out in Eastern Germany, for example with placing sandbags. Bas Reedijk was interviewed on the Dutch news radio station, BNR, on the BoxBarrier as an easy replacement for the heavy sandbags.  

BoxBarrier on BNR radio

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Opening FloodProof Holland

On monday the 17th, FloodProof Holland will be officially opened. The municipal councilor of Delft, Pieter Guldemond and the director of  the Waterboard, Michiel van Haersma Buma will be opening the test- and demonstration site for innovative temporary flood defence systems in Delft. Various flood defence systems will be demonstrated by the participating parties in the basins. 


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