Gemeente Meerssen krijgt BoxBarriers in bruikleen

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EXPO water in public spaces

The BoxBarrier was present at the Expo focusing on water in public spaces which was held in Houten, The Netherlands. It was the first EXPO in the Netherlands which focused on climate proof planning and development of public spaces. The Expo was characterised by a large number and variety of innovations in the water sector. The Expo was a good platform for the BoxBarrier with respect to the present delegates of Councils and Water Boards.


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IAHR World Congress visits FloodProof Holland

From 28 June - 3 July the IAHR World Congress was held in The Hague, The Netherlands. On the sunny 1st of July some 100 people visited FloodProof Holland where various temporary flood defence systems, amongst which the BoxBarrier, were demonstrated.   

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BoxBarrier at FarmFest Queensland Australia

The CRT FarmFest 2015 near Toowoomba Queensland has been held from 2 - 4 June. The BoxBarrier, which can be displayed both as flood prevention measure or as basin, was presented during these Queensland's premier agricultural field days receiving around 60,000 visitors.

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BoxBarrier at FMA Conference 2015 Brisbane | flood barrier expo

BoxBarrier presented at 'Floodplain Management Association National Conference' in Brisbane. 

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Tests with double layer BoxBarrier

At FloodProof Holland tests have been performed with double layer BoxBarriers. The barrier itself has been in position for more than 5 weeks.  

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