BoxBarrier cofferdam

Soil Conservation Service, NSW, Australia

In Bodalla, New South Wales Australia, the BoxBarrier was used as cofferdam for culvert repair works.

Dutch Water Museum

BoxBarriers are installed at the Dutch Water Museum on a semi-permanent basis as the museum has recently been exposed to floods.   

Hamton Environmental Services

Hamton Environmental Services purchases 75m of BoxBarrier for the Ford Motor Company Limited in Dagenham, UK.

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Municipality of Zwijndrecht

The Municipality of Zwijndrecht in the Netherlands has applied 90 BoxBarriers to protect the buildings located in the area outside the regelar dikes along the river the Old Maas from flooding due to high waterlevels. The first application was during the storm on the 5th of December 2013. In the past large big bags filled with sand were applied which would remain present during the full winter period. After highwater the BoxBarriers were easily removed, transported and stored at the warf of the Municipality. 

Placement of the Boxbarriers was shown on RTV Rijnmond (Dutch Television):

Water Board Noorderzijlvest

Water Board Noorderzijlvest is a government agency which ensures safe and durable water managment. As a water board Noorderzijlvest has to take care for surface water in a quantitive and qualitative way, guarantee water safety and controls waterway managment. The area that Noorderzijlvest covers is Noord- en West-Groningen, Noordwest-Drenthe and the Frisian part of the Lauwersmeer.

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