BoxBarrier: Flood Defence System

The BoxBarrier® is a very effective temporary flood defence system, which can be used to temporarily heighten the crest of a dike, or to make a temporary dam on flat terrain. This increased  crest height prevents flooding of the areas behind the dike. The concept of the BoxBarrier® is characterised by easiness, because it makes use of its opponent: it retains water with water.

Product specification

Dimensions (lxhxw)

90cm x 60cm x 60cm

Controllable flood height


Installation speed

100m/hour with 3 persons

The modular flood defence consists of box elements, which are connected by joint elements. The box elements are covered by lids. The box elements are filled by a pump and then the BoxBarrier® is ready for all types of floods!

Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland about BoxBarrier

“ The trial placement was a success. The BoxBarriers were quickly put into position, when you compare this with the conventional sandbags. The advantages of the system are mainly due to the limited time required to construct the temporary barrier, the limited required storage area and the easyness to handle the units (in advantage of safety, health and welfare). ”

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Is the BoxBarrier suited for my situation?

Protection against flooding Suited
Protection against wave overtopping Suited
Increase crest height of dike Suited
Protect property against flooding Suited
Placement in already inundated area Suited
Placement in strong winds Suited
Placement against walls Suited with special joint element
Placement in gentle curves Suited
Placement with straight corners Suited with corner box
Is the expected flood height less than 50 cm?
Yes Suited
No Not suited in single row version
On what kind of surface will the BoxBarrier be placed?
Even terrain Suited
Uneven terrain Suited for concave and convex surfaces
Joint elements can accommodate rotation in vertical plane
Rubber seal can accommodate up to 15 mm irregularities
Grass Suited when subsoil is stable
Clay Suited
Sand Not Suited without measures to prevent erosion
Concrete paving Suited
Asphalt paving Suited
Concrete paving blocks:
Regularly placed
Concrete paving blocks:
Irregularly placed
Small gap width (< a few mm) Suited
  Limited unevenness (< 15mm) Suited