BoxBarrier: Flood Defence System

The BoxBarrier® is a very effective temporary flood defence system, which can be used to temporarily heighten the crest of a dike, or to make a temporary dam on flat terrain. This increased  crest height prevents flooding of the areas behind the dike. The concept of the BoxBarrier® is characterised by easiness, because it makes use of its opponent: it retains water with water.

Product specification

Dimensions (lxhxw)

90cm x 60cm x 60cm

Controllable flood height


Installation speed

100m/hour with 3 persons

The modular flood defence consists of box elements, which are connected by joint elements. The box elements are covered by lids. The box elements are filled by a pump and then the BoxBarrier® is ready for all types of floods!

Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland about BoxBarrier

“ The trial placement was a success. The BoxBarriers were quickly put into position, when you compare this with the conventional sandbags. The advantages of the system are mainly due to the limited time required to construct the temporary barrier, the limited required storage area and the easyness to handle the units (in advantage of safety, health and welfare). ”

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BoxBarrier® Benefits

temporary flood barriers

Temporary Flood Barrier

The BoxBarrier is a temporary flood defence system which has the huge advantage of quick and easy placement and removal. No additional equipment is required for the installation, except for a simple pump. Removal of the system is even faster than the installation and does not lead to remaining debris (which is normally the case with weathered and ruptured sandbags). Another advantage of this temporary flood defence system is that the BoxBarrier does not need to have a permanent foundation installed in the ground and can thus be deployed at numerous sites and locations. Advice on this can be found in the BoxBarrier User Manual. Not unimportant is that the BoxBarrier can be ordered at relatively low cost and that the elements are highly robust and thus reusable in the coming years.

easy to place flood barriers

Quick & easy placement

The BoxBarrier is light-weight and compact, which facilitates the installation of the system. In comparison with the heavy sandbags the light BoxBarrier improves work conditions of all co-workers during calamities. The placement rate of the BoxBarrier is100m/hour with a team of 3 men.

Installation of the BoxBarrier is straight forward.The barrier consists of 3 different parts, a box, a lid, and a keg or connecting element. No foundation, nor bolts or nuts are required for the installation of the system. The BoxBarrier can be installed on various types of subsoil. The water for filling can be pumped into the BoxBarrier by using a simple pump. The pump can be electric or fuel engine powered. The pump can be placed in a boat, car or be transported by hand. 100 m of BoxBarrier can be filled in one hour by a 30 m3/hr pump which can be bought at a DIY shop or ordered via internet stores.

Demobilisation is as easy as installation, only the other way round. The pump (or a bucket) is used to empty the BoxBarriers. The boxes are removed by hand and stacked. The joint elements are placed in the top box.

Floodbarrier with Efficient Storage

Efficient storage

The compact shape and stackability facilitate both easy transport and efficient storage. The BoxBarrier® can be stacked up to 20 units high. The BoxBarrier® can be stored outside, because they are weather resistant and durable (although dry storage is preferable).

Easy Transportable barriers

Easy transport

The compact shape and stackability of the BoxBarrier® enables efficient usage of all mode of transport. For example ten to twenty BoxBarrier® can be transported in an average sized stationwagon or in an ordinary car trailer. Larger quantities can be transported by large car trailers, trucks or by container. 250m BoxBarrier® can be stored in one conventional 20ft container. The BoxBarrier® can even be transported in light weight open boats. Transport of the BoxBarrier® on site can be done by light equipment, such as a Quad with trailer, over small dikes and water soaked fields. Due the low weight of the system, the BoxBarrier® can be transported by air freight (in case of international disaster relief actions).

corners and wallpieces of the flood barrier

Corner- and wallpieces

With cornerpieces it is possible to place BoxBarriers in sharp angles upto 90 degrees. 
Wallpieces make it possible to make a watertight transition between an existing wall or other in-situ objects and a BoxBarrier®. These extra product accessories make the BoxBarrier even more multifunctional.  

Construction in flooded areas

Even when an area is already flooded, it is possible to apply the BoxBarrier®. The BoxBarrier® can be installed in water, because they can be transported on the water (floating or by boat) and deployed on the required location. After water filling the system is ready for action. Now the flood water of the flooded area can be pumped away.

temporary flood barrier used as a bridge

Temporary Bridge

Especially in urban areas the BoxBarrier® can have more functions than a flood barrier alone. The BoxBarrier® can be walked on, so it could be used as temporary bridge in a flooded area.

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