The BoxBarrier is a multifunctional system and can be used for various applications, such as: 

Flood protection of dykes and levees

Flood Barrier for dikes and levees

The origin of floods can be either overflow of rivers and canals due to extreme rainfall or melting snow water. Normally rivers and canals have shores, quays or dikes, which prevent overflow. In case of high river discharges due to the melting of snow or rainfall the height of the dike or shore is not sufficient and temporary heightening of dike/shore is required to prevent flooding of the hinterland. 

Protection of infrastructure against flooding

Flood Barrier for vital infrastructure

Logistics are vital for the supply of the economy, so the permanent availability of infrastructure such as airports, motorways and railways is a main priority.

Flood barriers for homes

Flood Barriers for homes

Businesses and home owners can also protect their property them selves by installing the BoxBarrier flood barrier around their property. BoxBarrier and a mobile pump can be stored efficiently in the property or close by the property.

Not only private properties can be protected by the flood barrier, but also public properties such as schools, libraries, museums, galleries, churches, castles and other national and local heritage. The BoxBarrier® is suited for protecting homes and other real estate.

Urban area flood protection

Flood Barrier for urban areas

Especially in urban areas heavy rainfall can lead to flooding, because large areas are paved and the drainage system cannot handle all the excess water. Terraced houses, shops and other businesses can be protected easily by installing the BoxBarrier®.

temporary basin dredged material

Application as (temporary) basin

The BoxBarrier® can be used to create a (temporary) basin. The basin can be used to capture fresh/salt water or to capture (contaminated) water originating from dredged materials or from other (semi) solid materials. The basin is also suitable to capture other types of liquid. BoxBarriers can also be used in combination with a membrane.